PAST EVENT TEDxFrankfurt "Trust - Old Values, New Realities"


TEDx stands for inspiring and progressive ideas: In June 2015 TEDxFrankfurt celebrated a premiere and hosted its first conference entitled "Crossroads and Crosslinks. Digital Society." Leading thinkers, doers and idea crusaders were on stage and explored the social, cultural and philosophical impact of digitalization.

In what way did and will our social life, our ways of perception and communication change in the light of a proceeding digitalization? In what extend will new media reshape our perception, consciousness and life forms? What will a fully digitalized society look like? What are the great future possibilities, what are the challenges and risks? Will our perception and world outlook as well as our social life be more rich and expanded or in the end even more restricted and uniform?

Our speakers and performers challenged us to think bigger when it came to the aspects of our common digital future. The conference in June 2015 was dedicated to explore the benefits and downsides of digitalization from a national and international perspective in the areas of health, cities and mobility, identities, arts and cultures, politics as well as economic development.

  • What: TEDxFrankfurt
    "Crossroads and Crosslinks. Digital Society"
  • When: June 11, 2015 | 4 pm
  • Where: Palais, Frankfurt

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