TRUST. Old values, new realities



The world is changing at rapid speed and so are we. Technology is a massive driver that not only changes the way we live but also the way we work, do business, socialise and find love. How do these changes affect our "traditional" values?

At TEDxFrankfurt we would like to focus on the very human phenomenon of trust and on how relevant it still is in our lives today. Why do we trust at all? What does it take to build trust? What needs to happen for trust to be broken? Do political and economic systems still deserve our trust? Can or should we put our trust in automated technology and machines?

Many questions, many opinions, many answers. Join the conversation at TEDxFrankfurt “Trust - Old Values, New Realities” on November 29, 2016.




  • Anne Böckler-Raettig
    Anne Böckler-Raettig

    Anne Böckler-Raettig is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Psychology at Würzburg University. She studied in Berlin and Glasgow and completed her PhD at Radboud University in Nijmegen. After a research stay in Princeton, Anne worked as a Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig. Anne employs methods from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics to investigate the processes that underlie social understanding and social interaction. Specifically, she is interested in gaze behavior, empathy, perspective-taking and social decision-making. More recently, Anne began to address the malleability of socio-affective and socio-cognitive capacities and interpersonal behavior by means of meditation based trainings.

  • Simon Anholt
    Simon Anholt

    Simon Anholt is one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on ultra-widescale human engagement. His work over the last thirty years has focused on creating and leading new fields that measure, understand and influence attitudes, culture and activity at the global scale.

    He is regarded as a leading authority on managing both corporate and national identity and reputation.

    His first company was an international strategy firm which he founded in London in 1989, ran until its sale in 2002, and is still the world leader in its sector today. Here, he developedCulture Mapping, a revolutionary approach to international marketing strategy based on anthropological analysis of global consumer values and attitudes, for more than 100 companies including Nike, Timberland, Emirates, Benetton, HSBC, DreamWorks, IBM, Unilever, Shell, Levi’s,BBC Worldwide, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Sony, DuPont and Samsung.

    Twitter: @SimonAnholt

  • Stephan Rathgeber
    Stephan Rathgeber

    Stephan is Director Marketing at ManpowerGroup Germany. He is responsible for brand positioning, communications and digital marketing. Together with his team of spectacular marketers he leaves no stone unturned to make digital transformation happen.

    Stephan was born in franconia, studied humanities, economics and strategic marketing, worked for Siemens, is passionate about networking, loves fitness and cooking. At the moment, he lives in the beautiful city of Frankfurt, Germany. He is an Intrapreneur at heart who dares to change the game and implement the most innovative solutions out there within the company. An Intrapreneur who creates culture to design the future and followership through a new style of leadership. Stephan’s mission: Having fun by doing good and being successful.

    Twitter: @Steph_Rathgeber | Website:

  • Frank Kühne
    Frank Kühne

    A couple of years ago, Frank Kühne started an expedition into the peculiar world of German butchers. Together with a trio of young ladies, he was trying to figure out if there was a future for the craftsmanship. The issue is far from trivial. Only in the past decade, more than 4.000 butcher shops closed down in Germany. As supermarkets and convenience food flourished, meat shops faded away. During their journey, Frank and his team found out that butchers themselves are part of the problem: caught in a David x Goliath price-battle, many have forgotten what their role is all about. Butchers are a crucial player in a sustainable food chain. Operating in a small-scale, they are the direct link between consumers and farmers. Butchers have also been, for centuries, one of the most influential makers at the German food culture. It was with the goal of revolutionizing the craftsmanship that Frank created the Trüffeljagd (truffle hunt, in German), an event to inspire and empower butchers that is now in its third edition.

    Born in Kulmbach, in the South of Germany, Frank grew up surrounded by butchers, as his family built up a company selling spices to meat shops. Frank studied Business and Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke and started his career at a large Finnish paper company before eventually taking over the family business. He now dedicates part of his time to managing the Adalbert Raps Stiftung, a foundation that fosters – among other causes -- culinary art. He is happily married and has three children.


  • Greg Gage
    Greg Gage

    Greg Gage is the co-founder and CEO of Backyard Brains, a company started with lambaste Tim Marzullo while a graduate students in the Neural Engineering Lab at the University of Michigan. Greg is a published neuroscientist and engineer and has help developed tools, curriculum and experiments that allow the general public participate, hands-on, in neural discovery. He is senior fellow at TED and has given many TED talks, a director's innovation award winning investigator at the National Institute of Health, and was recognized in a White House ceremony for being a Champion of Change for his commitment to citizen science. In his free time, he enjoys changing diapers of his 2 young daughters.

    Twitter: @phineasgreg | Website:

  • Wijnand Nuijts
    Wijnand Nuijts

    Wijnand is heading the "Governance, Culture & Organizational behavior" department of the Dutch Central Bank. Since its inception in 2010, he has been responsible for developing a new type of supervision focusing on leadership styles, group dynamics and the quality of corporate decision making. Together with a multidisciplinary team of organizational psychologists and governance experts, he is responsible for conducting numerous examinations into the effects of behavioural patterns for the performance of Dutch financial institutions. Personally, he takes great interest in analyzing human behavior within the context of board decision-making processes and he is convinced that a closer focus on human behavior with organizations and their boards, will contribute to their sustainable (financial) performance. Prior to heading DNB’s culture & behavior department, Wijnand had several management positions within the Dutch Central Bank. Before joining the Dutch Central Bank he has been working as a corporate finance consultant and attorney-at-law. Together with his wife and three children he lives in the coastal village of Bergen, just north of Amsterdam.


  • Daniel Koehler
    Daniel Koehler

    Daniel Koehler studied religion, politics and economics at Princeton University and Free University Berlin. He specialized on terrorism, radicalization, and deradicalization and worked as a deradicalization and family counselor in multiple programs and developed several methodological approaches to countering violent extremism, especially family counselling programs around the world and gave expert interviews for leading international news outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, Rolling Stone Magazine, the Associated Press, or the London Sunday Times. In June 2015 GIRDS Director Daniel Koehler was named a Fellow of George Washington University’s new Program on Extremism at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security. Due to his “pioneering” work in counter-terrorism he will help to design policies and resources for community based ‪de-radicalization programs in the United States. In 2016 he was appointed to be the first court expert on deradicalization in the United States of America at the District Court in Minneapolis. He has since then conducted risk assessment and deradicalization evaluations of terrorist offenders in prison and trained expert personnel from various US Government agencies. Daniel also created the international “Mothers for Life” Network, which is currently active in 11 countries and brings together parents of killed Jihadist fighters to jointly counter radicalization around the world.


  • MarieMarie


1pm - 2pm Registration
2pm - 3:30pm Session 1
Simon Anholt What happens when the whole world votes?
Nolen Gertz Nihilism - There’s an App for That!
Kang Lee (TEDTalk) Can you really tell if a kid is lying?
Anne Böckler-Raettig The Psychology of Trust
Greg Gage Neuroscience has never been easier!
3:30pm - 4:30pm Break
4:30pm - 6pm Session 2
Daniel Koehler Trust me with your life
Wijnand Nuits Looking forward: supervision of behaviour and culture in the financial sector
Frank Kühne Why trust the guy with the big knife?
MarieMarie Performance
Stephan Rathgeber Naked Leadership
Benita Matofska The Secret of the Sharing Economy
6pm End



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