TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Tarek Alsaleh

Tarek Alsaleh

Tarek Alsaleh, half Syrian, half German, is an expert on using sport in conflict zones and with refugees.  He has established projects throughout the Middle East including in Syria, as well as in Europe.  Tarek has successfully innovated new programming approaches leading to sustainable activities locally.  Tarek is regularly invited as a specialist speaker on issues related to innovation, refugees and youth development through using arts and culture. Tarek has worked with the UN, the EU, international non-governmental organizations, as well as creating partnerships with the private sector, foundations and philanthropists.   Tarek also runs his own, award winning, not-for-profit sport organization which supports development projects internationally. Tarek Alsaleh is a member of the Global Diplomacy Lab supported by the German Foreign Office, and the BMW Responsible Leaders Network.  His work has been recognized by the BMW Foundation Award for Responsible Leaders, the Anna Lindh Euro-Med Dialogue Award and Beyond Sport in partnership with UNICEF for Sport for Conflict Resolution.



TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Inna Braverman

Inna Braverman

Inna Braverman founded Eco Wave Power in 2011, at the age of 24, and recently chosen as one of the 100 most influential individuals in the world by medium.com (along with Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others). With her leadership, Eco Wave Power installed the first commercial-scale wave energy array in Gibraltar, where Eco Wave Power is selling electricity to Gibraltar’s Electric Authority through a commercial scale Power Purchase Agreement. She is also responsible for securing 130MW of projects pipe-line for the company. Recently, Inna's personal journey was documented in a virtual reality film by Google, under the name "female planet", which will be published in the end of this month.  She holds a BA in Political Science and English Language and Literature from Haifa University, and is one of the only women sitting on the TC114 Committee for Marine Energy in IEC, which sets international standards for all electric technologies. She was also selected by Smithsonian Magazine as one of eight young innovators with ingenious ideas for the future of energy and featured in the January 2017 issue of WIRED Magazine for her accomplishments and contributions in the wave technology field.

Website: www.ecowavepower.com | Twitter: @EcoWavePower


TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Alex Deans

Alex Deans

Alex Deans is a 19 year-old serial inventor, artist, and public speaker, recently appointed as the Queen’s Young Leader by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. At age 12, his chance encounter with a visually impaired woman inspired him to develop the iAid, a novel navigation device for the blind. His work on the iAid has taken him from visually impaired communities to winning second place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Alex is a highly sought-after speaker and media presence, recognized as one of “Canada’s Future Leaders under 25” by Maclean’s magazine. He toured nationally with WE Day, speaking alongside Demi Lovato and Justin Trudeau to over 160,000 youth about the importance of creativity. Recently, he teamed up with McCann Erickson and GM/Chevrolet to create a new technology to stop teens from texting and driving, which debuted at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 

Alex harnesses his talents outside of science to tackle problems in unconventional ways. He is an avid artist who was first inspired after painting a portrait of Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl, and competed for Team Canada in the 2011 International Children’s Winter Games in Grand Slalom and Ski Cross.

Twitter: @alexmdeans | Website: https://www.alexdeans.com


TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Andrew Doherty

Andrew Doherty

Andrew has been designing technology products since the internet was running at 11kb per second, and dial-up modems used to make those funny noises when phoning up the ISP.

Andrew used computers and the internet as a means of escape to help forge a path out of the small country town in Queensland Australia where he grew up. He worked as a technology designer for more than a decade before ending up at Google, where he was tasked with dreaming up and building the future in a special projects division at the Google mothership in Mountain View, California.

In 2016 he moved to Germany to form an advanced artificial intelligence startup in the heart of Berlin, where he and his team are working to build the world’s first Ai powered robot best friend.


TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Elisabeth Gniosdorsch

Elisabeth Gniosdorsch

Elisabeth Gniosdorsch loves a good argument. In 2012 she joined the Berlin Debating Union, a student’s debating society, soon competing on a national and international level. Aiming to spread the tools of debating she coached pupils in schools in Germany and university students in Germany and Sudan. These experiences  have increased her interest in and awareness of the politics governing discourse itself, and the importance of sensible communication, especially in challenging environments. Therefore, Elisabeth likes to go where she can learn the most and engage in controversial topics, which led her to studying in Cairo, Egypt, interning for the German Ministry of Defence and the German Representation to the UN in Geneva, and currently working for a Berlin based think tank on the future of democracy. 

Twitter: @gniosdorsch


TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Kelsey Lents

Kelsey Lents

Kelsey Lents comes from an interdisciplinary background grounded in architecture, business and the liberal arts. She received a B.A. from Yale University, an M.Arch from Columbia University and is completing her M.B.A from Georgetown University. Kelsey is the co-founder of Hatch Workspace, which redefines working parenthood in the gig economy by integrating co-work and childcare programs. She is also the co-founder of SEArch+, a research and design organization that guides aerospace firms towards human-centric solutions. The Mars Ice House project, a 3D printed ice habitat developed by SEArch+ and CloudsAO, won the 2015 NASA Centennial Challenge for its innovative use of material to reconnect humans to their environment.
Prior to returning to academia, Kelsey practiced architecture in New York City and taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University and Parsons School of Design. She specialized in office design, working with c-suites to redesign human interactions and team dynamics by innovating their workplace. This focus on the intersection between people and space and, in particular, the influence of environment on human mindsets, defines her work with SEArch+ and Hatch Workspace. Having previously lived in Berlin as a Fulbright Fellow, she is thrilled to be returning to Germany with TEDx.


TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Trent McConaghy

Trent McConaghy
Trent McConaghy

Trent likes to build things that matter for humanity in the long term, leveraging AI and decentralization technology. He was raised on a pig farm in rural Canada, programming computers on cold winter nights. While still an undergraduate in the mid 90s, he did AI research for national defense. Then he co-founded, built and sold a company doing creative AI. He then co-founded and built another company for AI to help drive Moore's Law; used by Nvidia, Sony, TSMC, and more. He's now working on democratizing data for the planet. This is via Ocean decentralized AI data exchange protocol & network, BigchainDB & IPDB blockchain database protocol & network, and advising the Estonian E-residency program.

Twitter: @trentmc0 | Website: http://trent.st

TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Amelie Salameh

Amelie Salameh
Amelie Salameh

10 m² big, 2.50 meters wide, 4 meters long, 4 meters high, moveable, self-sufficient. These are not the dimensions of Amelie but the ones of her house. Together with the Tinyhouse University, Amelie is managing a one-year research project called the Bauhaus Campus in collaboration with the Bauhaus Museum Berlin. A village of minimalistic houses on wheels with huge impact. Amelie is a board member of the NGO which is addressing challenges of growing cities and communities. Their goal is to create new models of social neighbourhoods. Their tools are architecture and the belief that diversity makes a village stronger than common sense. She helped building the Holy Foods House – a self-sufficient Foodsharing house that functions as a place of encounter, research and active trade in relation to a sustainable lifestyle. Currently Amelie also works as the Head of Marketing at CABIN SPACEY – a start-up that conquers empty roofs of Berlin with smart cabins for urban nomads. Before coming to Berlin, she graduated in Information Management, wrote her thesis about Artificial Intelligence as a Commons and therefore interviewed experts in the Silicon Valley.


TEDxFrankfurt 2017 Alex Starritt

Alex Starritt
Alex Starritt

Alex Starritt is Media Director of Apolitical, the global network for public servants. He is also the author of the recent novel The Beast and the translator of works by Kafka, Brecht and Stefan Zweig. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including The Guardian, The Spectator, The Telegraph and the Huffington Post. 


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